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Top ten places to bring a founding father in your time machine so you can watch them positively shit themselves from shock

In no particular order #8 any transportation hub but especially train stations and airports, #4 Apple store or equivalent, #9 movie theater especially movies where things come directly at the screen real fast, #2 production of “Hamilton,” #6 daft punk concert, #5 buckingham palace provided you say “and then in 1790 we just gave it back, better to pay taxes even if we’re not represented, right?” to them at some point while you’re there, #1 anywhere that really drives the point home that slavery isn’t cool and that we all know they did it, #7 furry convention if it’s not Ben Franklin, #10 NASCAR concert, #3 Hoover dam

Ben Franklin would absolutely be down with the furries.

the fact that you said “in no particular order” and then fucking numbered all of them.

yeah I said “in no particular order” and then I numbered them in no particular order, what do you want, a medal? gold medal that says “smartest” on it? because I can’t get you that. I’m not the guy to talk to about that.

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