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a story:

one time i volunteered to play the piano at my church because our normal pianist had a family emergency and couldn’t be there.

i’m okay at the piano. i’m not great, i’m self-taught, i occasionally hit a sour note but by the standards of a small community gathering i thought it sounded alright.

after the service, a lady i didn’t know came up to me and told me how terrible she thought my playing was and when would the normal guy be back and maybe we just shouldn’t have had music at all that week.

i said, ‘i’m sorry you feel that way.’

i went home and cried a bit.

and then i didn’t play the piano for three months. i just stopped. i was 18 and sensitive and in the habit of letting unkind words sit heavy in my heart.

idk man. maybe just try kindness instead. and if that’s truly too difficult for you, learning the art of silence is completely free and i highly recommend you take it up.

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